Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

I came from the world of selling as an account manager and moved up the ranks to Director of Sales, then VP of International Sales and eventually President of Sales and Marketing. I know what it takes to sell and how to manage and motivate your sales team. I didn't read a book on selling; I LIVED IT! Selling has become tougher! It isn't what it use to be! Show up, do the dog-and-pony and close the deal! Not any more! Today's buyer has changed given the access to more information. Which means that buyers are more informed and more skeptical when it comes to buying. In this podcast, we'll discuss "Finding the Why in How Clients Buy"! Using the latest studies in consumer behavior and neuromarketing, you'll learn new ways to sell more effectively!
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Sales Influence - Why People Buy!



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Aug 28, 2016

We all hate to hear the words, "Let me think about it." after a great sales presentation.  In this episode I'll show you what you can say and do to maneuver the client to a 'yes' answer.

Aug 23, 2016

In this Sales Influence Podcast I talk about finding your presentation style and how authenticity is key when it comes to influencing and persuading others to buy from you or buy into what you're saying.

Aug 21, 2016

Here are 10 presentation tips to help you create a more powerful and persuasive presentation.  You need to have a structure, storyline, a narrative and supportive messages to support what you're trying to accomplish.

Aug 16, 2016

If a client is using someone else, how do you get them to switch over to buying from you?  Why do clients hesitate?  Why do they not want to change?  Learn what you need to do to make them want to switch.

Aug 10, 2016

In any B2B (or B2C) you typically have four types of buyers who will make the buying decision.  The key is understanding who they are, what are their individual motivations for buying and most important, why wouldn't they buy.  Knowing this will allow you to tailor and optimize your sales pitch.

Aug 3, 2016

Finding your B2B target clients starts off by knowing your industry, then segmenting it, finding the different markets and then identifying the clients within each.  Learn also how to use DATAMINING to help you sort your customers into three lead funnels: existing, inactive and new clients.  

Aug 1, 2016

There are 5 common mistakes business owners make when working with a salesforce.  Learn what not to do and how to manage a winning sales team.  Victor Antonio, sales and motivation expert will discuss shift our paradigm when it come to managing and selling.  For more information go to 

Aug 1, 2016

What stops a client from making a buying decision?  In this sales training tip you'll learn about Brain Pain.  Sales trainer and motivation expert Victor Antonio will walk you through why clients don't buy and what you can do to sell more effectively.  For more information go to

Aug 1, 2016

When a salesperson is struggling to hit their number, here's what you need to do!  In this sales training episode you'll learn what to do a sales manager. Sales trainer and motivation expert Victor Antonio shows you that selling ain't hard when you know how!  More info at